Moo! (mindlint) wrote,

[JE] Kawai Drabble

Drabble: Why Kawai Will Never Join ONE OK ROCK.
Notes: darkeyedwolf's fault. Kawai will always find a way ♥.


"Wh-what is this?"

Nameless OOR Member #1* stopped strumming his guitar and looked up.

"That's a T-shirt."

"Where are the buttons!?"

"T-shirts don't come... with...buttons- are you alright?" Nameless OOR Member #1 was fast becoming concerned about their newest bandmember. Kawai's face drained. He closed his eyes and began to mutter (Nameless OOR Member #1 thought he caught the words 'please Lord' and 'Tegoshi' and 'miracle please'). Then he stopped, and with reverential silence, he reached with shaking hands to clutch the T-shirt at his chest, one on each side.

Nameless OOR Member #1 held his breath, wondering what the hell Kawai was doing.

Suddenly Kawai's grip tightened and he tugged outwards with both arms simultaneously. The script across his chest stretched out until there was enough of a gap to add another letter between the 'I' and 'V'.

And then nothing.

Increasingly panicked, Kawai tugged first at the 'D' on his right side, then the 'A' on his left, but all he achieved was to tug himself off balance with a particularly forceful wrench.

"It won't rip! How do I make it rip open?!"

Nameless OOR Member #1 knew they needed a new drummer, but he couldn't help thinking maybe Kawai wasn't cut out for a j-rocker's life.

*I refuse to learn their names :P

Tags: A.B.C – they're bendy!, crack so wide it's a crevice, drabbles, one ok rock
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