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[JE] The Pin Drabble Thing...

These are all drabbles I wrote for the various Pin Drabble Things over at boobandboobs. I'm re-posting them here so they're all in one place.

Original Drabble Challenge originally posted here.

This began as an attempt to write Pin where Yamapi tops. It failed. I also borrowed from Korea (the Monster Yamapeen is so totally canon).


They had seen each other with little or no clothes on before, of course, but other than subconsciously informing Jin's mind of what images to supply during those kind of dreams, Jin had never really paid close attention to Yamapi's body-parts.

He had the vague impression of It being large, but he was mentally unprepared when faced with the reality of it two and a half weeks after Jin and Yamapi decided that yes, they did, in fact, both have extremely un-platonic thoughts about the other on a regular basis and that this might be a good indication of a) their sexual orientation, b) they both wanted to do very bad things to their mutual best friends not called Ryo-chan or U-kun or in any way or form related to turtles, and c) confirmed their stupidity for not having realised all this sooner.

It was one thing to compare size as any teenage boys were prone to do and acknowledge there was a clear winner before starting a water fight in the onsen while making lewd jokes. It was quite another to contemplate it from the angle Jin was currently in.

Jin shrieked and ran away, locking himself in the bathroom and refusing to come out until Yamapi promised to put it away.

Yamapi sighed and knocked on the door.

"Jin, I get that you're nervous. I am too-"

"This isn't me being nervous, Yamapi! This is me saying 'no way'!"

"Jin-!" Yamapi was cut off by the door creaking open and Jin emerging, eyes dark and pupils dilated. Yamapi wasn't sure if it was from alcohol or –

"Yamapi, look at it! It's a – a – a monster!"

- ah. Fear, then.

"That's what preparation is for, you idiot," said Yamapi, exasperated.

"There is not enough lube in the world, Pi," answered Jin resolutely, ashen-faced.

They had negotiated hectic work schedules, restrained urges to jump each other in corridors, and waited until they were indoors.

I'm not going to give up at the last hurdle, thought Yamapi with determination, as insurmountable as it may seem, he amended when he looked down and considered the 'hurdle' in question.

As Yamapi comforted a traumatised Jin, patting his back absent-mindedly, he began to plot.

Theme No. 3: BLOOD AND SNOW originally posted here.


Yamapi isn't speaking to Jin.

Yamapi hasn't been speaking to Jin for three days now.

Yamapi hasn't been speaking to Jin ever since the day he dragged everyone out of rehersals for a snowball fight, pounced on Yamapi, pinned him to the ground, and stuffed his mouth full of snow - when he knows Yamapi has sensitive teeth - and refused to apologise because, "It was too funny and everyone else thought so; they're just not saying."

When Jin walks in and smiles, Yamapi's blood starts to boil and he sees red, an intense urge to hit Jin or get revenge some other way making him grind his teeth until they hurt. Yamapi restrains himself because there's work to be done. He only realises later on when Jin invites him along for ramen after work that his friend hasn't quite caught on to the fact they're not talking right now.

Yamapi decides the only thing left to do is get rid of his frustrations quickly. He punches Jin on the arm. Jin blinks and looks at Yamapi with a mildly wounded expression.

"Did I deserve that?" Yamapi nods. "OK." Jin grins at him and continues on his way.

Yamapi thinks, as he trails after him, that Jin is sometimes too trusting for his own good. He's content to let Yamapi do things to him, knowing Yamapi wouldn't take advantage. However much he'd like to take advantage.

Yamapi stops walking and groans when he realises his frustrations might not have been rooted in the snow incident after all.

Theme No. 3: BLOOD AND SNOW (blood only) originally posted here.

Undue Influence

The problem with being friends with Akanishi Jin, Yamapi thinks, is that Jin has too much influence over him. He remembers vaguely that his mother warned him about ‘peer pressure’, and ‘not letting yourself be influenced by your friends’, but Yamapi is sure this is not what his mother had in mind; Jin has suddenly developed the ability to influence Yamapi’s blood. Whenever he’s around, it reacts to him.

Yamapi half-wonders if Jin might have some strange mystical power, but dismisses the thought when he remembers that Jin isn’t that devious, and once declared if he had magical powers he would use them to stop milk from coming out of his nose when he laughed too hard (at which point Ryo had remarked that he already had that power – the magical ability to swallow).

Jin doesn’t even have to be doing anything; he can just be sitting there on the couch watching a movie and Yamapi will catch sight of a sliver of skin where Jin’s t-shirt has ridden up as he shifts around to find a comfortable position, and as though it’s being drawn by a magnet – a Jin-magnet – all the blood in Yamapi’s body spontaneously decides to make its way to Yamapi’s dick and it’s all he can do to cross his legs and hope Jin doesn’t notice, or that if he does, assumes it’s because of what’s on the screen even though they’re watching something completely sexy-thought-free (and not because Yamapi is having inappropriate thoughts about his best friend).

Of all the changes so far, Yamapi thinks this is be far the worst. It’s worse than the growth spurts. Worse than his voice breaking. He’s sure Takki never once mentioned anything like this in his explanations (not even in the diagrams); that one day he was suddenly going to stop being able to be comfortable spending time with his best friend.

It’s like a curse. A curse that he is sure was placed on him by some evil being determined to one day make Yamapi embarrass himself so badly he has to crawl into a hole and never come back out again. Yamapi makes a list of candidates, headed by Ryo.

But sometimes, when Yamapi is leaning in to Jin’s ear to share a joke or when he catches Jin looking at him strangely, Yamapi spots a deep flush creeping up Jin’s neck and settle in his cheeks, he suspects it might go both ways. Knowing they’re both unduly influenced by the other makes Yamapi feel a little better.

If takes him a while to figure out that they could be finding a solution to the problem together, too.

Theme No. 8: WATER originally posted here.

The Distance Between

Conversation comes in waves, interspersed with awkward silences.

This isn't the way it's meant to be. Silences should be comfortable; disagreements amicable; understandings implict; conversation easy, most of all. It should never feel awkward with Jin.

It's reminding him more and more of the time when NEWS's activities were prolonged indefinitely and he had had to face Toma, not knowing if it was alright to talk about new work and new experiences and new people, hating that Toma wasn't there with him.

A voice Yamapi tries not to listen to tells him that maybe months of not living in each other's pockets is taking its toll.

It’s been a year of sink or swim. Yamapi has been swimming as best he can, only nowadays he doesn't have someone to pull him back above the surface and laugh with him if he flounders.

It's got to be geography: an ocean.

He has to believe the distance between them is just water.

Anything else doesn’t bear thinking about.

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