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[Nobuta wo Produce] Stars (Shuji, Akira, Nobuko) (Gen)

Title: Stars
Fandom: Nobuta wo Produce
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own nothing, etc...
Summary: Slice-of-life.
Author's Notes: Do practice ficlets get author's notes? I... have nothing to say. Other than STOP PESTERING ME FOR PORN AT 5, because you end up with gen!

Shuji and Akira could be found on most mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights they had free at the seaside.

Shuji missed the bright lights of Tokyo sometimes. He missed the bustle too. But he found there were good things about living here he wouldn’t trade for lights and shopping.

The sea, for one. The stars, for another.

And lying here next to Akira on the sand on this spring night, Shuji wouldn’t change a thing – except for having Nobuta here with them maybe.

Remembering the times the three of them had spent on rooftops looking up at the stars, Shuji shifted to get his phone out of his pocket and took a picture of the sky.

“This way Nobuta can see it too,” he explained self-consciousy and sent the picture on.

When Akira had nothing to say, Shuji craned his neck to look over at him, lying in the opposite direction with his head next to Shuji’s.

His eyes were shut. He had fallen asleep.

Shuji laughed quietly to himself. And he thought he had been sharing a moment. But he realised he could share this too.

Aiming his phone at an oblivious Akira, Shuji took a picture of him and sent that to Nobuta too.

Listening to Akira’s soft raspy breathing, Shuji didn’t mind too much. Akira didn’t have to be conscious to be keeping him company.


Nobuko was always startled by the sound of her phone. Until not-so-long-ago she hadn’t had anyone to get messages from.

What I can see.

Nobuko saw the stars and wished she could be there.

The phone bleeped again.

What I can also see.

Nobuko saw Akira’s sleeping face and really wished she could be there.

She looked around for something she could send back.


Akira’s dreams of rooftops and soy milk were interrupted by a vibration at his hip. He pawed it before his eyes were even open and threw the offending object away, turning over onto his side and curling up.

“Baka, you’ve got a message,” said Shuji’s voice, his hand prodding Akira’s shoulder.

Akira opened his eyes and accepted the phone from Shuji, who sat perched on his heels beside his head.

Akira’s grogginess disappeared when he saw who the sender was.

“It’s from Nobuta!”

“What does it say?”

“’I see it too,’” read out Akira, scrolling down and laughing when he saw the picture attached. “Shuji, look.”

Shuji’s whole countenance warmed when he saw the picture of Nobuta smiling. He relaxed, and Akira wished Shuji would let more people see him this unguarded.

Shuji stretched himself out beside Akira, and Akira took his phone back and moved closer until he was pressed against Shuji’s side.

“Smile,” he said, taking a picture and sending it on.

Akira was back on the rooftop in no time at all, only this time he was a little warmer.

Tags: bunnies will doom us all, gen - what's the point again?
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