Moo! (mindlint) wrote,

[JE] Are You Listening? (Pin) (NC-17)

Title: Are You Listening?
Fandom: JE
Pairing: Jin/Yamapi (Pin)
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing of JE. Woe.
Summary: Jin. Yamapi. Phonesex.
Author's Notes: This one's for corimari, who demanded "PHONESEX!" when I asked for a prompt, and who needs it after papers!of!doom. Thanks to acchikocchi for taking a look at it. The first section isn't what I wanted it to be because I was cringing the whole way though, but anyhow… Enjoy!

* * *

22:41 GMT+9; 05:41 GMT-8

* * *

"Are you listening?"

Jin shifts around on the towel he's sitting on and leans back against the bathroom door. He's not in the most comfortable of places, but it'll do.

The sound of breathing, short sharp puffs like someone barely in control or really quite annoyed, levels to a steady rhythm.

"Yes," answers Jin when he's as comfortable as he's going to get and the phone is securely wedged between his ear and shoulder.

There's a sigh, and then Yamapi begins.

"I'm in your apartment and I'm walking to your bedroom, shedding my clothes as I go."

"Oh yeah? What are you wear-"

"Shut up, Jin. If you ask that again I'm hanging up."

"Sorry! Sorry." Jin hopes Yamapi can't hear his amusement. This is not the best time to wind him up. "Go on."

"I'm in your room now, sitting on your bed. It still smells of you. That's why I came here. That's why I'm planning to come here."

Jin grins and closes his eyes, framing the image in his mind.

"I'm alone, but I'm picturing us both, Jin. You're lying down already, and fuck, you look hot with no clothes on. So I climb over and start kissing your throat. I kiss it until you're moving towards me because you need to get closer, and making those adorable whimpering noises, and still that's the only part of us touching."

Jin knows exactly what Yamapi means. Whether they're going to have a quick fumble or a long slow draw-out session that lasts for hours, Yamapi always starts by peppering his throat with feather-light kisses until Jin's mind empties of any cares and all he can think is Pi, Pi, Pi.

Jin trails his fingers up and down his neck, trying to reproduce the sensation. It isn't the same, of course, but it still feels good. It tickles, but it's soothing.

"Fuck, I don't even need to be touching you to know how hot you feel," Yamapi goes on. "It's coming off you in waves. You're like a furnace. I don't understand why the air isn't shimmering."

"Pi, I want to-"

"I don't care about what you want right now. Tonight is about what I want to do to you, and what I want to have done to me. Got that?"


Jin shivers in anticipation. He rarely admits to how much he likes Yamapi in control, but he's sure Pi knows already.

"I'm running an hand over your chest, Jin, but I'm not really interested in that. You show that to everyone. I don't think I'm going to linger here.

"But what would your fans say if they knew about how sensitive your nipples are? That when someone brushes past you, you get a thrill from nothing other than the rough material of your clothes? That you squeal like a fucking runt when I flick at them with my tongue? That's what I'm doing right now, Jin. I want to hear you squeal."

Jin's hand finds a nipple and brushes against it, and he must make some sort of noise as his eyelids flutter closed, because Yamapi chuckles darkly into his ear.

"And now I'm moving on to your bellybutton, mouthing it and dipping my tongue inside, trailing my hands along your sides. Your breath hitches; you're too ticklish for your own good, Jin. Whenever I see how responsive you are to my touches, I want to make you writhe. And I can tell you're impatient already with the way you keep raising your hips in the air towards me.

"But for the moment I keep you pinned down as I move from your bellybutton down the dark line of hair on your belly, until the soft fluff gives way rougher, coarser hair. You want me to keep going, don't you? Trail my mouth lower. But I'm not going to yet, and when I lift my head I see you look at me with your eyes hazed over with lust. I leave a trail of spit on your skin, Jin. There's a thread of it still connecting you to my lips. It should be disgusting, but it isn't. I'm breathing heavily. Can you feel it? Can you feel how the wet skin is cooler than the rest?"

Jin can hear Yamapi blow into the phone. He squeezes his eyes shut, bites his lip, shivers, convulses, as though he really could feel Pi there. For a moment his resolve weakens and he takes his cock in hand and squeezes, a guttural moan escaping his lips.

"I can see your cock, and fuck, I want to touch it almost as much as you want me to touch you. It's standing to attention like a fucking soldier. And it better only take orders from me."

Jin snatches his hand away like it's been burned. There was a definite warning in Pi's words.

"It looks edible – and for a moment I consider just taking you into my mouth, maybe scraping my teeth along it gently, swirling my tongue around it. Sucking hard. But that wouldn't be as much fun, would it? So I take hold of your hips again and I slide my hands around to your arse, the hips and arse you're constantly rolling at people. It drives me insane when you do that, Jin, because it's fucking mine. I own it. And I let you know, don't I, Jin? I squeeze it hard – maybe even had enough to leave the red marks where my fingers were, marks that won't fade for a few hours.

"You arch up and moan like a fucking wanton whore, so much so that I have to lean back or you'd hit me in the face."
Jin's squirms and his hands clench and unclench on the towel, itching to wrap around his cock again. He almost wished he hadn't given in a moment ago, because the need to come is even worse now.

"And now I'm reaching for your balls, Jin. I know you like it when I play with them. Work the skin between my fingers. Lick them. You'd do that yourself if you could reach, wouldn't you? Lick your balls like a fucking dog."

Jin groans. That really shouldn't be hot, but as he take his balls into his hands he doesn't doubt Yamapi's words. He does his best to avoid contact with his cock, still jutting out angrily and begging for attention, but every so often he brushes against it and gasps.

"Pi," Jin pleads. "Please, let me-"

"That's right. I want you to beg, Jin. I want you to beg for release. I want you to beg me to let you come."

"Pi– please- anything-"

"I'm kneading you balls and you love it, but your cock's been neglected far too long."

Jin makes a noise he hopes Pi will take to mean 'damn right!' because he isn't really able to form words right now. He's so hard it's painful, and half of him wants to give up on letting Pi direct him and just have an honest-to-goodness wank.

"I'm taking your cock in my hand, Jin. I'm just holding it, feeling it's weight and it's heat and I swear I can feel the blood trapped in it pulsing, desperate to be allowed out again. I want you to reach for your cock, Jin," Yamapi purrs in his ear. "Just hold it for a moment."

Jin stops breathing.

"And now give it one slow stroke. Just one, like I would."

Jin shudders. The cock he's holding twitches in response to being touched, and Jin has to fight the temptation to do it again, to speed up, to jerk himself repeatedly until he comes.

Yamapi's voice comes back into focus. "Because I'm not going to let you come yet. Not by a long shot."

Jin makes a high, desperate sound. He feels like weeping in frustration.

"I'm not ready to give you what you want yet, Jin, because I want your tongue on my cock. I know you love it. Love the heat, the taste, the smell. You love it, don't you? You love my cock, you fucking slut."

"Pi – let me-"

Jin doesn't even have to finish the question – the plea – for Yamapi to know he's begging to be allowed to put an end to this.

"No." The answer is definite.

"I want you to lick your fingers, Jin. Do they taste of you? Can you taste yourself on them? Is it like when I kiss you and you can taste yourself on my tongue? Lick your fingers, Jin. I want you to get them nice and slick. And now I want you to reach behind and slide one into your arse. Nothing more than spit, Jin – I want you to feel this. I want you to really feel what I want to be feeling for myself. And you like it a little rough, don't you?"

Jin wants to sob in relief that Pi is letting him do something. His mind brings up a swirl of indistinct memories and impressions. A hand grasping his thigh or calf. Purple-green bruises. Angry red scratch marks that could only have been caused by teeth. His head pulled back sharply, painfully, by a fistful of hair. The heady sensations of rough, hard sex, feeling like being split open but still wanting more.

"Now fuck your finger, Jin, like I'm fucking mine."

And with those words Jin's fantasy shatters.

Jin stops breathing again.

The pause stretches out.

"What?" he says, and he doesn't even know if he's spoken the word out loud.

"I'm fucking my fingers, Jin. Don't you wish it were you instead? I do."


"Two isn't enough, Jin. I'm adding another."

Jin chokes. This is downright cruel. Yamapi goes on without mercy.

"Fuck, it's tight, Jin. We don't do it often this way 'round, do we? You fucking me. It's been a while. But I'll keep sliding them in and out, because it hurts, but it's going to feel so good."

Jin whimpers and closes his eyes, trying to imagine the scene, his hand taking hold of his cock and starting to stroke it in earnest.

"This would be around about the time I would be begging for you, Jin. Wanting to feel you inside me, thrusting in and out of my arse. And I mustn't forget my cock, right Jin? Right?"

It takes a moment for Jin to realise Yamapi wants some kind of response from him.


"I'm stroking my cock again, squeezing the base like you do – fuck, I wish you were doing it to me – and – ah – I'm sliding my thumbs across the tip of my cock, Jin." Yamapi's breath hitches. "Fuck – I love it when you play with my foreskin – it doesn't feel the same when I do it-"

"Fuck, Pi. You bastard."

"This was your idea." Jin can hear Yamapi's smirk. "Are you still listening, Jin?"


"I want you to fuck me. Hard."

* * *

22:28 GMT+9; 05:28 GMT-8

* * *

Yamapi rolls his eyes when the cordless phone beside him rings. He folds his arms and lets it ring off. A few seconds later the phone rings again. Yamapi gets up and wanders into the kitchen, feeling a sudden urge for yogurt.

He hasn't found any by the time he hears a shuffling of footsteps approaching, and when Jin appears at the doorway wearing nothing but a pair of socks, Yamapi chokes on the orange juice he's drinking.

"Yamashita! You're supposed to be answering this, not raiding my fridge!" admonishes a very naked Jin, holding the phone out.

Yamapi swallows what juice he hasn't already spat out and point a finger at Jin. "You're – why – you're not wearing any clothes!" He wishes his voice wasn't so high.

"Pi~" whines Jin. "We're supposed to be practicing!"

Yamapi looks at Jin plaintively, then at Jin's cock hungrily, then at the fridge with a different sort of hunger.

"I am practicing. I'm practicing raiding your fridge," he says finally, smirking, congratulating himself on keeping his cool.


"You'll be back for visits, Jin. I hardly think I've forgotten how to wank."

Jin looks appalled.

"This isn't just wanking, Pi."

Jin advances towards him and wrapped his arms around his neck. The weight is heavy and warm and welcome.

"Pi," says Jin again, this time fluttering his eyelashes at him.

Yamapi chortles. "You big girl, Jin. That's not going to work."

Jin leans in and licks at the side of his mouth before bringing his mouth close to Yamapi's ear.

"Pi~" he purrs. The sound travels straight from Yamapi's ear to his cock. Yamapi glares at the traitorous body part.

He turns his attention back to Jin. "If you're that worried about it, don't g-"

Jin has heard the request before. He cuts Yamapi off with a forceful kiss and his hand doesn't hesitate in making its way down to Yamapi's crotch, rubbing it with intent.

Yamapi intends to protest, but it somehow turns into a moan of encouragement into Jin's mouth as he relaxes into Jin, molding himself to Jin's body and pulling him closer.

And when Yamapi is reduced to a whimpering upright Yamapi-shaped puddle of goo, Jin drops a kiss on Yamapi's lips and grins.

"You can take it from here," he says before running off out of the kitchen.

"Hey – what? – wait!" It takes a moment for Yamapi to get his legs to work properly and chase after Jin, a head start Jin takes advantage of. "You can't just do that!" he objects. "Get back here and finish what you've started!"

Jin opens the bathroom door and hands Yamapi the phone with a wicked grin.

"Let's try this again, shall we?" he says brightly.

Then he shuts the door in Yamapi's face.

"Wait – Jin! Jin, this isn't funny." Yamapi hears the click of the lock.

"Jin~" He wishes he didn't sound so petulant.

The phone in his hand starts ringing.


Jin doesn't answer. The phone keeps ringing.

Yamapi looks at it in a pained way, then at the bulge in his pants in an even more pained way, and then he raises the still-ringing phone up to his ear.


"What are you wearing?" purrs Jin's voice.

"I beg your pardon?"


"Who is this? What do you mean? If you continue to harass me I'll call the police!"

"Oh – oh I'm so sorry! I didn't – sorry! I – I must have dialed the wrong number!"

"I see. Well, you can make it up to me by leaving the bathroom and having sex with your best friend."

The line goes dead. After a moment's pause, the phone starts ringing again.

"Hello?" says Yamapi wearily.

"That wasn't funny."

"It was too!"

"Shut up, Pi. Now, what are you wearing?"

"Jin, this is ridiculous."

"What. Are. You. Wearing?"

"You know what I'm wearing. You just saw what I was wearing. If you opened the door you could see what I was wearing and take what I was wearing off!" Yamapi starts in an even tone, but by the end he's shouting and pounding on the door.

"Pi~! You've got to play along!"

Yamapi wants to kick the door in in frustration.

"Alright," he grinds out, highly un-amused. "What are you wearing?"

"I'm wearing a tuxedo – I'm pulling off my tie."

Yamapi lowers the phone and bangs on the door again.

"Bakanishi, you big freak! I know you're naked in there!"

"Play along!" comes Jin's muffled voice through the door.

"Jin," whines Yamapi, "can't we just do this like we normally do?"

"I'm taking off my jacket now!" shouts Jin, ignoring him.

Yamapi sighs and resigns himself to Jin's whim.

"And now?" he prompts half-heartedly.

"I've unbuttoned my shirt, and I'm slipping my hand inside. And now I've found a nipple and I'm tweaking it."

Yamapi cringes. "Jin, this isn't really very hot."

"I'm tweaking it, Yamapi," repeats Jin a little more breathily.

"Not hot, Jin," insists Yamapi. "At. All."

"Fine! I've got my hand wrapped around my cock."

Yamapi can practically hear Jin's smirk, thinking he's getting the better of him just because he's got Yamapi sporting a hard-on and he's talking about his cock. Yamapi shifts his underwear a little and swallows. He isn't about to let Jin win. He isn't going to admit this is having any effect on him.

"What happened to your imaginary tux trousers?" he says dryly.

"And I'm wishing my fingers were your mouth instead," Jin goes on, ignoring Yamapi's question.

"Let me in there and it would be my mouth!" he shouts through the door.
"I'm not coming out until you get yourself off, Yamapi! I need to make sure I can take care of you even when I'm away!"

"Jin, I already know how to wank."

"I'm – mnph – I'm stroking myself and thinking of you!"

"Fine!" Yamapi thinks desperately about how he could get Jin out of the bathroom and make Jin pay for this, and he hits upon a plan. He raised the phone again.

"You're going to do exactly as I say, as though I were really there. You're not going to do anything I don't tell you to do, alright?"


"Which means you can take your hand off your cock right now, you horny fucker."

Jin laughs quietly. "Alright."

"Fine," he said in a tone that even Ryo was wary of. "Are you listening?"

* * *

22:57 GMT+9; 05:57 GMT-8

* * *

"Jin? Are you still listening?"

Jin can't think straight. He can't think anymore. He scrambles up and unlocks the bathroom door and runs to his bedroom. He hears Yamapi's voice through the receiver and right there in front of him, a strange mix of flat and real.

"Well it took you long enough to give in," says Yamapi, exasperated.

Jin launches himself at the bed and kisses Yamapi, reveling in the hot wet mouth and tongue as Yamapi's legs hook themselves around Jin's waist.

"Bastard," breathes Jin as he pushes in.

Yamapi winces and cries out. "Ah, fuck!"

"You said – mnm – hard," says Jin as he waits for Yamapi to relax little around him, taking his cock in hand and giving it a squeeze.

"Fuck, Jin!"

"That. Was. Fucking. Unfair. Pi." Jin punctuates each word with a thrust.

* * *

23:04 GMT+9; 06:04 GMT-8

* * *

Yamapi doesn't really want to move, but he's starting to find it hard to breathe where he's lying under Jin, who collapsed on top of him in a panting heap minutes ago. He pokes Jin's side until he moves enough to let Yamapi escape. He considers going to clean up, but settles for pulling the covers over himself and Jin and giving in to exhaustion, flopping down half on top of Jin.

He finds Jin's hand and links it with his own.

"Jin?" he says, stroking the back of Jin's hand with his thumb. "Are you listening?"

"Mmph." Yamapi takes that as a 'yes'.

"Don't worry. You and your hand are going to be very happy together when you're away from me."

Jin shifts and looks over his shoulder at Yamapi.

"And you don't think you might want to-"

"For the last time, Jin. No, I'm not planning on fucking anyone else while you're gone."

Jin takes a deep breath and nods, reassured.

Yamapi waits. He waits a little longer. Jin closes his eyes.

"Hey!" He pokes a finger into Jin's ribs again. "You're supposed to say you won't fuck anyone else either!" he complains.

Jin starts emitting snoring sounds, but Yamapi can see his lips curling up at the corners.

"Are you listening to me, Jin? I know you can hear me! No fucking other people!"

Jin's snores turn into snorts, and Yamapi, determined to make his point, cries, "Only one person gets to ride the Jin pony!" like a battle cry before jumps on top of Jin and all hell breaks loose.

Tags: a light dusting of crack, je fic: johnny should rule the world, pin - for the win!, veeeery little plot
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